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Maintenance Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

November 13, 2018
Laptops aren't as expensive as they used to be to replace but they’re still pretty costly. They tend to have a lifespan of about 5 years before they start to slow down and you’ll need to buy a new one. But if you don’t look after it properly, it won’t even last that long. If you want to extend the life of your laptop and avoid having to buy a new one every couple of years, you need to do regular maintenance on it. Here is a handy checklist of all of the things you should be doing.
Maintenance Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Keep The Openings Clean

Dust is a nightmare for computers and if the openings get clogged up, it’ll get inside and the laptop is more likely to overheat and eventually die. If the keyboard gets filled with dust and dirt, you might have to replace that as well. It’s not that expensive but it’s easily avoidable if you clean it properly.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use water to clean your computer. Get a duster and gently wipe the outside surfaces off on a regular basis. Any ports on the laptop and the fan underneath will suck up a lot of dust as well. Get yourself a compressed air canister and spray it into any gaps. That will blow out any dust safely and stop it from building up on the inside.

Clear Space On The Hard Drive

If the hard drive is full, the computer won’t run as quickly. Over time, you’ll build up all sorts of files and software on the computer that you don’t really need. If you want your computer to last longer, you should clear it all out and just keep what you actually need. Clearing the cache is an easy way of freeing up space.

Whenever you use a program or browse the internet, information about your interactions is stored in the cache. It only takes a second to delete all of those useless files and it’ll speed your computer up no end. If you’re not sure how to delete the cache, you can find a quick guide at  https://setapp.com/how-to/clear-cache-on-mac. It’s a simple process but it makes all the difference. You should try to get into the habit of doing it on a regular basis.

As well as getting rid of the cache, always make sure that you’re deleting files you don’t need any more and software that you’re not using.

Update Virus Software

Viruses are the biggest danger to your computer and if you get a particularly bad one, you could end up breaking your laptop entirely. That’s why it’s so important that you’re protecting yourself online. People are always creating new viruses and new ways to get around security software. That means that your virus protection software becomes obsolete pretty quickly. If you don’t keep it updated, you might as well not have it at all.

If you keep up with this regular maintenance on your laptop, it will last a lot longer before breaking down.

Why Not Give a Gift of Custom Made Horse Jumps?

November 13, 2018

Why Not Give a Gift of Custom Made Horse Jumps?
Purchasing standard, run-of-the-mill horse jumps might be a cheaper option, but rarely gets the big smiles that come with a customized set. You can choose horse jump designs that perfectly reflect the individual styles and tastes of the person you are gifting. All are made with safety and quality in mind.

Quality Custom Wood Horse Jumps

Plastic and PVC horse jumps do not have the durability and lasting power of those made of quality wood. The experience of jumping wood versus plastic is also much improved. All parts and poles are made to last through temperature changes, rain, and all weather conditions.

Choose the Color and Pattern Design

You can gift the horse jumper in your life with a set of professional quality jumps that carry their business insignia, school colors, and more. Every aspect can be customized to make them feel special. It's an original way to show you support what they do for competition or as a hobby.

Safer Design for Horse and Rider

All poles and stands are designed to be responsive to both horse and rider. The poles are easy to install and come off quickly to avoid injuries. The design is made with the preservation and enjoyment of jumping in mind.

A Usable Gift Any Professional or Amateur Jumper Will Love

Amateur and professional jumpers alike will be pleased to see they have their own dedicated set of jumps custom made for their needs. It's the perfect gift for someone that places all of their extra time into jumping. It's the perfect backdrop for professional photo shoots and to demonstrate their unending love of the sport.

Horse jumps that are poorly made can actually lead to potential accidents and injuries. You can gift your favorite jumper with their own set of high-quality wood jumps that are safe, customized, and long-lasting.

Faith Support Groups

November 10, 2018
Faith Support Groups
There’s no doubt that life hands us many challenges as we go along our chosen path. The journey from childhood to adulthood is filled with numerous difficult experiences that can ultimately help us grow, yet are difficult nonetheless. One of the keys to surviving this journey with success and going on to become a productive and compassionate member of society is in having a spiritual life to go along with life in the material world.

Yes, the world of rational thought and materialism is important and it’s a huge part of how we have to live and function in the world. Yet the truth is that those who ignore their spiritual life, and the sense of morality and compassion that comes with it, can often find themselves at a terrible loss as life goes on. People have a natural hunger for developing their spirituality and for looking for answers to the problem of existence. This is why there are so many churches and fellowship groups, like the mother of God fellowship, that speak to this profound need in people.

Communing With Others in the Spiritual Quest

Seeking a spiritual awareness is a journey that can be taken alone, but sharing questions about God and faith with others can be a beautiful and uplifting experience. Many fellowship groups meet on a regular basis to lend each member support and to give each member a sounding board for questions regarding faith.

The support that an ongoing group can provide is truly profound, as it provides a place of trust for anyone who is wrestling with questions about God and the meaning of life. If you are in need of support on your own spiritual quest, know that help is out there. Seek out a fellowship support group in our community, today.

Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Company Lobby Impressive

November 10, 2018
Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Company Lobby Impressive
Source: Google
Business owners know that the first impression their company makes with clients is the most important. When a prospective new client comes to visit your office for a meeting, your company lobby is going to be the first impression you make. Investing in interesting decor can not only make your lobby interesting, but it can also make your lobby profitable.

Fine Art With A Purpose

A new customer visiting your facility would not be too impressed to see a piece of fine art in your company lobby. But they would become intrigued when that piece of art suddenly turns on and becomes a functional lamp. Functional fine art is not only something your prospects can touch, it is also something that will gain their interest.

A Lobby Fountain

In some circles, a lobby fountain can be considered a cliche. But the truth is that a unique fountain is not only a great way to set a positive mood for a new visitor, but can also be very relaxing as well. A fountain is something that can put your sales prospects in the right frame of mind and set up your business meeting to be that much more successful.


Sometimes it pays to employ a certain level of novelty when it comes to decorating your lobby to impress. For example, your new client walks into your lobby and sees an interesting picture in a very elaborate frame hanging on the wall. As they approach the picture, it turns into a promotional video for your company. There are a lot of fun things that can be done with technology these days and using video to impress a new client is definitely technology your business should look into.

Your company shows a lot of its personality by the way it decorates its lobby. The lobby is where you welcome visitors and show off what your company has to offer. When your lobby is the first impression your company makes, it is important to do as much as possible to be as impressive as possible.

Photos: Face of Nigeria pageant gives out 3 cars to new queens.

November 08, 2018
*Photos: Face of Nigeria pageant gives out 3 cars to new queens.*

Bespoke event centre, Lekki lagos was temporarily brought to a standstill last Sunday night when it played host to over 1000 guests for this year’s edition of the prestigious Face of Nigeria beauty pageant event.

The fashion event attracted notable personalities,socialites and actors who came out to witness the 5th edition of the annual pageant event themed "The independent woman".

The event was laced with music,dance and professional displays. Expectedly, the 30 contestants took time out to flaunt their fabulous figures, curves and good looks on the runway.

At the end of the show,two main winners were crowned: Miss Enugu
Linda Onuora and Miss Abuja
Joy Nguma. They got a Lexus Es 350 and Toyota Corolla Car plus other cash prizes respectively.

Other third winner, Miss Benue, Chika Nwachukwu also got a brand new Toyota Prado.

Top 5 Winners

Linda Onuora

Joy Nguma

Chika Nwachukwu

Barbie Madu

Courage Ifeoma Ugboaja

The Pageant Producer Mr Ozoya Salami Stated the platform is totally focused on the winners and contestants as so many contestants won cash prizes and gifts even without becoming winners on the night.

While addressing the news men present,the organizer thanked all the sponsors for this year's Edition:Royal Heriatge Entertainment Agency X Touch MobileSapphire scents Mikini CosmeticsTransform Nigeria and everyone who came out to grace the Occasion.

Top-Rated Tourist Locations of California

October 30, 2018
Top-Rated Tourist Locations of California
"California is  exciting and very beautiful, one of the most luxurious and fun places to visit America, whether in winter, summer, autumn or spring.

 Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz, located more than 2 km from the mainland in the Golden Gate Bay, is a 500 m wide island that was not initially intended for a prison: Instead, the first lighthouse of the US West Coast was built here in 1852.
The idea of ​​building a prison on it came only in the 1930s, which, apart from the remote location of the island, made sense above all because of the strong currents which were to condemn all escape attempts to failure.
It was declared in 1972 a publicly accessible landmark that it has remained until today. Alcatraz can be visited as part of a tour that allows all its visitors to freely explore the island and spend as much time as they want.
A good 30- to 60-minute tour of the island is worthwhile in good weather and the views of the surroundings totally fabulous.
Alcatraz is one of the best reminding places. The location of the prison in the middle of the bay is unique, the macabre charm of the plant known from countless stories and films unique.
If you spend at least two days in the city, you should definitely plan a morning for a tour.

 J. Paul Getty Museum

The best things in life are free, says an American expression. In any case, for the Getty Center, this is not only the newest and most affordable attraction in Los Angeles, but also the most beautiful.
Well, there it is. Gleaming in the morning sun, the driver on the San Diego Freeway sees the new Getty Center, on a hill, where one of the busiest roads in Los Angeles makes a slight curve. I have seen the center a few times from that spot, under different angles and with varying sunlight and clouds.
The Getty Center is intriguing, if only because it is such a unique building in the urban desert of Los Angeles.

 Hollywood Sign, California

The Hollywood Sign is an iconic landmark which celebrates the American entertainment industry.
It is pinned at Mount Lee, in Hollywood Hills area at Santa Monica Mountains.
Hollywood sign written on mountain Lee is 45-feet in height, in boldly crafted white capital letters and is 352 feet in width as its dimension.
It has a towering design on Mount Lee which is very visible. The way it's so popular that, If you haven't seen Hollywood sign, then you haven't seen California.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Like I earlier said, the walkway of Hollywood Boulevard Walker.
You will find some of the most famous stars from film and television or even radio being immortalized.
The Hollywood Walk of Famers the biggest names in entertainment. Take a picture with the stars and look for your favorite stars! Along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which spans more than 18 blocks, more than 2,500 stars in brass are immortalized.

Santa Monica State Beach
A place to visit, even with your children to discover the ecosystems of Santa Monica Bay. Special operations are regularly organized on the prevention of pollution and the preservation of marine fauna and flora.

•Aquarium of the Pacific
It's yet another beautiful place to be. The aquarium is so loving and serene.
It's located in California, Long Beach in Rainbow Harbour.
The Aqua life you normally see on TV, you get to have a first-hand the feel of them alive and in tune with their habitat.
The likes of Sharks, dolphins, jelly fish, turtles and stingrays, and of course you can touch them and lots of kids would love to.
It could easily be your favorite, as you would learn a lot from the animals
It often offers locals and tourist some of the best sea foods and cuisine, which your taste buds will jump on any day.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is located in Los Angeles having priced relics from collections from Modern Arts, Pre medieval and Medieval times.
The relics and Art master pieces are gathered across the continents of the world.
 The LA county museum contains over half a million, high priced relics which are rarely found globally.
Founded in 1910, the museum was part of the LA hotspot to visit.

 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier, is like a safe haven for kids, where the Arcade will keep kids under its spell, you easily could hear I want to stay!
If you love cycling, then youre in for a swell time. A fun ride with family is a priceless moment.
You want to have a good night life feel then you could take drinks at the rooftop bar need the seaside. Then the street festivals are common, a good view and lots of eco-friendly fresh and clean air.
You will just love it.

 Dolby Theatre
The Dolby Theatre is a live-performance auditorium in the Hollywood and Highland Center shopping mall and entertainment complex, on Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles.
Every year, the stars flock to the Dolby Theater for the Academy Awards. But you too can sit in the same seats and enjoy a great show. There are numerous shows, but also concerts, ballets and comedy shows on weekends. Buy your ticket at the ticket office of the Dolby Theater and experience the finest in one of the most technically advanced and most famous theaters in the world. The Dolby Theater is one of the most recognizable theaters of the bubbling arts and theater scene of Los Angeles in California.

Staples Center
The NBA Los Angeles Lakers who parades one of the decade's greatest LeBron James.
They play their home games at Staples Center, an arena shared with the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Sparks of the Women's National Basketball Association, and the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League.
Every sport lover would love to see a game especially with the like of LeBron James, and a strong NBA history about the all-time greats like Magic Johnson , Kobe Bryant amongst others, cos the least is endless with more stars and rookies unfolding on a regular.

Mount Whitney
Mount Whitney is known to the tallest mountain in California having the highest summit in the United States with an elevation of 14,505 feet.
We are going to walk a part of the Mount Whitney trail.
With 4,421 meters this is the highest mountain in America. You could attempt climbing Mount Whitney in one day, but that is really crazy!
It's a 17 km walk to the top, where you climb no less than 1879 meters, and again 17 km back.
The lack of walking kilometers and condition is obviously noticeable, viewing the trees are rugged granite giants at the upper plateau, looks really scary at first but if you are a hiker or climber, you will soon get over it, because it is a normal feel.
The path, first reasonably flat with hairpin bends. Steep curve has a breathtaking view of a lower green oasis in a bowl of rugged bare mountains: Big Horn meadow. A swampy plain, cut through with zigzagging streams, like a mirage in this bare granite wasteland. At the end again a steeper rock terrain with a beautiful waterfall.
The pine trees, one of the camping grounds for those who want to walk the trail for days, I call them the fitness junkies or the endurance team.
Yet another steep cliff at Mirror Lake at the foot of Wotan's throne, an aquamarine-colored mountain lake surrounded by pine groups.
There are no reflection in the water. Wotan's throne threatens constantly against a heavily overcast sky. It is normally icy cold with an icy cold wind. You would not trade this experience cos it is sure a bucket list experience.
The round lake became more exciting than expected. We had to partially cover boulders in the water along a steep cliff. Once on the other side, the wind seemed to have risen to true force. It is difficult to keep the balance while getting around, climbing and clambering. The strong wind literally takes your breath away. It is so frightening round lake. Once back down the trail, the storm was happily tempered by the high pine trees.
On the way back to Lone Pine, the Alabama Hills are put in a beautiful warm light by the low sun. The pink glow on the large granite rockeries contrasted beautifully with the dark background of the Owens Mountains on the opposite side.

Queen of aso winner,Kome Igho Mark world polio day with medical outreach in Jabi Abuja

October 27, 2018
Queen of aso winner,Kome Igho Mark world polio day with medical outreach in Jabi Abuja.

Queen of Aso Nigeria 2018,Queen Kome Igho and Empress Njamah (Nollywood Actress / founder Empress Njamah Foundation) recently stormed Jabi community in Abuja to carry out a Medical outreach on 2018 world Polio Day.

The team in company of some doctors and nurses gave treatment and medication to patients who have one illness or the other.

The Queen and Nollywood Actress later visited LEA Junior Secondary school Jabi to sensitize the student on keeping high personal hygiene and to be a role model in the society. Queen Kome also shared exercise books and other reading materials to the students.

Queen Kome Igho emerged Queen of Aso Nigeria 2018 on Sunday 22nd July 2018 at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja . She will also be representing Nigeria at Miss Cosmo World Beauty Pageant 2018 in Malaysia in December.
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