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The rise and rise of Blessing Utanung,Miss Christian Nigeria 2018.

October 21, 2018
Reigning Miss Christian Nigeria,Queen Blessing Utanung is giving Christianity a great sense of balance as she set to use her beauty and her position to impact lives and win back lost souls to Christ.

Crowned Miss Christian Nigeria 2018 On the 18th of August at Water Park Aquatic Center Toyin Lagos,Blessing have also held the post of Miss Christian Ambassador and the kingdom Queen respectively.

The Bayelsa born model is a great teacher,writer and motivational speaker known widely for her radical approach and passion in kingdom expansion.

Speaking about her new project, tagged: "My identity", Blessing noted that she hope to use this project to evangelise the gospel of Christ to everyone especially the youths and young believers.

Tonto Dikeh Present Award To Popular Abuja Estate Guru Otunba Olakunle(Photos)

October 18, 2018
She how Tonto Dikeh Present Award To Popular Abuja Estate Guru Otunba Olakunle

The Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Awards 2018 held over the weekend in Abuja witnessed yet another massive turnout as socialites, top government officials and local investors received Awards for their exceptional contribution to to development of the society.

Otunba Olakunle J Azeez, the chairman and managing director of Kaysa Group of Companies and the founder of Fertile Dreams Foundation was honoured for his humanitarian gesture to the less privilege and his commitment to the development of Nigerian youth.

And to present the award to him is no other person but Nigerian most controversial Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh.

It was indeed a memorable occasion and a befitting one for the business guru as he was honoured alongside former Vice President of Nigeria and now the People's Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Senator Dino Malaiye,His Majesty Tom Ateke along with other distinguished Nigerians at Shehu Musa Yaradua Centre in Abuja.

Otunba Olakunle J Azeez have been recently tagged to be setting base for his political ambition in Lagos. He is a recipient of various Award and recognition both locally and internationally like Aso Prestigious Award, Oodua Heritage award, lamode MAGAZINE Award, son and daughter of Nigeria award in United States of America among others .

Beautiful Mark shalom crowned The Deltan Queen 2018 beauty pageant winner

October 17, 2018
Beautiful Mark shalom Wins The Deltan Queen 2018 beauty pageant held recently.

It was a festivity of beauty and fashion at the just concluded Deltan Queen 2018 beauty pageant which held on October 13th at Manuex place, Warri, delta state.

Mark shalom , a 100l student of Nursing from the University of Benin defeated 25 other beautiful contestants to be crowned the 2018 Deltan Queen.

Other winners includes Miss Favour Taribo who was crowned as THE Deltan Queen tourism, Opene Terry Josphine; The Deltan Queen culture, Morgan Michelle; The Deltan Queen Heritage. Kori- siakpere Tejiri; The Deltan Queen Ambassador.

As the new queen, part of her goals is carry out an Official pet project 'The Dear Delta Campaign'. A project that focus on the development and empowerment of youths in the local community.

How to Stay Protected Against Property Damage or Injury Lawsuits Due to Accidents With Horses

October 12, 2018
How to Stay Protected Against Property Damage or Injury Lawsuits Due to Accidents With Horses
Horses are relatively large animals that do a tremendous amount of damage when spooked or breaking free from an enclosure. Stay protected from potential lawsuits that can arise from damage to people and property during these unexpected moments.

Use Strong Containment Materials and Check Fencing Regularly

Fencing and gate failure or breach is something that allows your horses to break free and increase the risk of property damage, vehicle damage, or personal injury from your horses. Spooked horses can buck, causing body or property damage or run in front of a moving vehicle.

Never Allow People Unsupervised Access to Your Horses

Always know where your horses and who is around. Allowing people to have access to areas your horses are is a setup for injuries that can lead to litigation. Make sure people have proper training before allowing them to ride.

Have People Sign Waivers Before Riding

Keep waiver forms on hand and have everyone sign them that plans to ride your horses. It at least offers you some legal protection if they are hurt. No one wants t see or expect injuries, but it seems accidents are more likely to happen when you are least prepared.

Maintain a Quality Liability Insurance Policy

Equine liability insurance for your horses is a great way to defray any costs that are incurred if damages or injuries happen. It can help pay medical bills or repair property and keep you out of the courthouse. It's a good idea whether you are an equine business or individual owner.

Avoid the stress and anxiety of litigation over injuries or property damage that can happen as a horse owner. Maintaining a liability insurance policy is an affordable way to legally protect your assets.

Finding the Right Type of Vehicle for Your Small Business

October 10, 2018
When you run a small business, you’re going to find yourself having to get from one place to another on a regular basis. While public transport may have its perks, it’s not always the most reliable means of getting about, as there are often delays, you have to rely on ever-changing timetables, and you may have to walk long distances from drop off points to get to where you actually need to be.

What’s more? You can only carry a small amount of items when travelling on public transport. This can be difficult when attending meetings, conferences, and trade shows. So, you really should consider investing in a company vehicle. Here are just a few different factors that you might want to bear in mind when choosing the right vehicle for your professional needs!


Safety first! When you invest in any vehicle, safety should be your priority. No matter how good a driver you or your employees may be, you never know what the roads may hold for you. You may come into contact with other drivers who are irresponsible. You might find yourself trying to drive in problematic weather conditions.

You might have to traverse some roads with potholes and other problems. This is why you should read the safety spec of any vehicle that your purchase and ensure that (if it is second hand) it has passed all recent servicing and tests. If you do experience an incident in your company vehicle, you can then build a case with special services after an accident.

Trunk Size

As we have mentioned, you may find yourself needing to cart belongings and stock about in your company vehicle, so it’s not all too surprising that you should ensure that any vehicle you choose has plenty of trunk space. This means that you can transport goods, whatever they may be, safely and securely.

Potential for Advertising

People don’t generally tend to put vehicles and advertising hand in hand. But just take a moment to think about it. If you have a company car, you’re probably going to find yourself driving it around quite a lot. You’ll be on the roads regularly, and you may travel long distances.

Now, think of all of the people that you will pass on each of these journeys, including pedestrians and other road users. You could be using your vehicle as a means of promoting yourself to all of these people, if you are just a little savvy! You can add graphics to your vehicle’s exterior, including your company logo, business name, and simple contact details, such as your business phone number or your professional email address.

The bigger the vehicle you use, the more advertising space you have at your disposal. So, if marketing is your main aim, consider a van or truck over a smaller standard car. These are just a few areas to focus on in the lead up to purchasing your company vehicle. Hopefully, they will help you to make the right decision!

Pre birthday shoots of Nigerian Passionate Female Welder Faith Omoniye Lesley.

October 10, 2018
Who is omoniye Lesley? Aside her pre birthday shoot currently trending online,you may need to know few more interesting things about her. Read on below.

The pioneer head, Faomoly Concept, Miss Omoniye lesley faith , is on her way to building a business empire.

Already, her company is the toast of customers far and near, seeking fast, convenient and cost-effective experience of her work.

At 26,Miss Omoniye lesley faith, has developed into a successful philanthropist and as the youngest welder to emerge from Bayelsa State and Nigeria. The beauty damsel graduated from the University of Education port harcourt, where she studied Linguistics.

While running her NYSC program, she worked as a manager at Def steel stainless rail company 2011 – 2012 where she gain the motivation to established her own company called FAOMOLY CONCEPT in 2013.

After being Awarded as the Young Entrepreneur Of the Year at the Just Concluded 2018 Nigeria Reliable Icon Award In Bayelsa,Omoniye lesley faith is set to exchange and also focused on developing entrepreneurial and enhancing their skills.

FAITH is an industrious woman , she promotes other small scale business , visiting the orphanage’s at yearly basis by assisting them with funds,food,cloths and may more.

Faomoly Concept are into building finishing, installing stainless hand rail ,Italian wrought iron for staircase and balcony,widow protector and tank stand etc.

Source: http://modelsnaija.com/pre-birthday-shoots-of-nigerian-passionate-female-welder-faith-omoniye-lesley

Ballon d'Or: Who will win it, Are we in for Surprises? - Gistend

October 10, 2018

Ballon d'Or:  Who will win it, Are we in for Surprises?  - Gistend
Ballon d'Or:  Who will win it as the battle is fierce (see nominations) - Gistend

The Ballon d’Or list for 2018 was unveiled with a host of top talents set to battle it out for the award.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah were all included in the top 30 list.

The nominations for the Ballon d’Or sees a list of the 30 best footballers on the planet created by France Football. Real Madrid’s Luke Modric is in the running to be named the Ballon d’Or winner for 2018 after winning the FIFA Best award.

It all kicked off on Monday with the players being announced in batches of five at a time and you can see how it unfolded below.

Ballon d’Or RECAP

30/30 names released

Sergio Aguero,
Alisson Becker,
Gareth Bale,
Karim Benzema,
Edinson Cavani

Thibaut Courtois,
Cristiano Ronaldo,
Kevin De Bruyne,
Roberto Firmino,
Diego Godin
Ballon d'Or:  Who will win it, Are we in for Surprises?  - Gistend

Antoine Griezmann,
Eden Hazard,
Harry Kane,
N’Golo Kante
Hugo Lloris,
Mario Mandzukic,
Sadio Mane,
Kylian Mbappe
Ballon d'Or:  Who will win it, Are we in for Surprises?  - Gistend

Lionel Messi,
Luka Modric,
Jan Oblak,
Paul Pogba

Ivan Rakitic,
Sergio Ramos,
Mohamed Salah,
Luis Suarez,
Raphael Varane

These all had a good run either for club or country or both especially the French players who tasted Glory in Russia, next on the list is the Crotian team who were super impressive and country heroics coming second in their campaign with Luka Modric superb performance.

The race is fierce, who really deserves it?
Will it be the Suspects ? The Cristiano Ronaldos" or Messi"s of this world or are we in for some suprises or would it be A Luka Modric Year to rap it all up.

The likes of Kylian Mbappe had a fantastic run at the just concluded World Cup in Russia with a stellar performance all through the tournament.
Ngolo Kante was out of this world with impossible tackles for club and country.

Just as the player with a flair in Paul Pogba and Amazing Griezmann. The list is just on fire.

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