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The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made By Companies

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made By Companies

Some entrepreneurial mistakes may have had catastrophic consequences for their society and could crash a company if it's margin is beyond control. What are the biggest mistakes ever made by entrepreneurs?

There are a list of some giant companies with huge losses and good enough most of them bounced back to top flight.
Most times, these mistakes are a part of the building block of major companies globally.


Enron is behind the biggest recent financial scandal. Calamitous management, based on an artificial increase in profits, leads to bankruptcy: 20,000 people lose their jobs and founder Jeffrey Skilling is serving a 24-year prison sentence.


In terms of management error, Tony Hayward, CEO of the BP oil group, is a textbook case. His inability to take proper account of the ecological disaster caused by the company's dangerous drilling made him the main culprit in one of the largest oil spills in history in 2010.

Lehman Brothers

This investment bank was bankrupted following the subprime crisis of 2008. In the case, the mismanagement of leaders who are wrongly positioned on mortgages at risk. Unavailable, these assets lead to a stock market crash of 73% and bankruptcy.

Societe Generale

In addition to the Kerviel scandal, another management error of Société Générale is to be noted. In 2009, the bank recognized a loss of five billion euros due to doubtful investments made by its subsidiary Sgam Alternative Investments. The acquisition of toxic assets is at the origin of the fiasco.


In 1984, Adidas refused to sign with a young player who wanted to represent the brand, preferring sponsored players to the rank of pivot. His name ? Michael Jordan. He finally signs up with Nike and earns millions of dollars to the brand with the famous "Air Jordan". After this failure, Adidas is gradually withdrawing from the lucrative NBA market.


One of the biggest mistakes in car history is the marketing of the Ford Edsel in 1957. Its atypical design dislikes and its price is too high. Only 64,000 models are sold while 200,000 were expected at least. In 1959, the production of the model is abandoned.

Coca Cola

In 1985, this global giant could have disappeared because of a huge marketing error. The brand launches a new recipe: New Coke and has all its old bottles replaced. Sales collapse and the firm decides to return after a few weeks to the old formula.


The group experienced a desert crossing between 1975 and 1988 because of an error that could have caused its loss: commercialize video recorders Betamax instead of VHS. The picture is better, but the tapes only last an hour. Exceeded by competition, Sony finally opted for VHS in 1988.

Tommy Hilfiger

At the turn of the 2000s, the ready-to-wear brand almost disappeared after a terrible marketing error. The CEO decides to remove his logo on high-end models. The initiative is a monumental failure that forces the company to backtrack in the following months.


The company went bankrupt in 2012 following a catastrophic management error: not wanting to change business model. In 1978, the firm filed the first digital camera patent, but lost interest. His Japanese competitors explode with the same concept in the 2000s, causing his fall.

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