Tablet Accessories: 5 of the Best Gadgets for Your Tablet Device

December 29, 2016
Tablet devices are like a cross between a laptop computer and a mobile phone. They’re portable, have great battery life, and they’re great for watching films and reading the news.
They’re not quite as powerful as a laptop (a lot of Windows or Mac applications can’t run on tablets) but they have their own set of unique and powerful features that warrants owning one alongside your other computer devices.

But what computer or mobile device isn’t complete without an assortment of gadgets and accessories to go with it? Here are some of the best accessories you can get for your tablet device.

Tablet Case

Much like our phones, our tablets go through a lot of physical stress when they’re moved around a lot. We might accidentally drop them, fall asleep with them in our hands, sit on them or bump them into the walls when we’re walking around the home.
Fortunately there are hundreds of different cases that are built specifically for your tablet device.
Even if you’re using a rather obscure brand there are probably tablet cases that fit your device. With so many cases around, you’ll easily be able to find reviews for different ones, so read what they say and follow their advice.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

For many people, a tablet isn’t just an entertainment device, but it’s also a productivity powerhouse. With cloud computing services by companies like Adobe and Google, there are many applications that can be used like their desktop equivalents.
When using your tablet as a work device, it’s important that you have the best input devices available and it’s much easier typing on a keyboard and using a mouse than using the tablet screen.

Tablet Stand

These can sometimes be built into the tablet cases, but they can also be bought separately. It’s great to hold your tablet up at an angle when it’s on a table instead of propping it up against a wall or other object. With adjustable angles, you can modify it to suit whatever needs you have.

Tablet Accessories: 5 of the Best Gadgets for Your Tablet Device

Portable Battery Bank

Being portable devices, we sometimes take our tablets away from power outlets and as a result, we won’t have places to charge them. A large portable battery bank is a great solution for your on-to-go power needs. Small ones that are designed for mobile phones won’t be much use for a tablet because they use up more power, so buy a large battery bank with more capacity and always check reviews—you don’t want to buy a cheap brand that’ll explode!

Bluetooth Headphones

Having wired headphones and being tethered to your tablet device is fine if you’re in a stationary location, but when you’re carrying it around in public you don’t want to be knocking your headphone wires around, tangling them up in your clothes or accidentally yanking them out. Invest in a good quality pair of Bluetooth headphones and you’ll never have to worry about wires ever again. They can usually be charged overnight and they’ll last more than a single night, so they have great battery efficiency too.

CR7 New Beast

December 28, 2016
The World Best Player of  the year is wrapping up the year in Grandstyle with new Mercedes which is very sleek and worth it. CR7 made over £191m in 2016 and had to slash some one this new toy.
He been having a swell yuletide .

Rihana's Reaction To Drake and J.Lo Together

December 28, 2016
Rihana's Reaction To Drake and J.Lo Together
Rihanna has immediately unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram.
JLo, 47, has recently started dating Rihanna’s ex Drake, 30.
“Jen and Drake have tried to keep their romance under wraps by suggesting they are just working together, but the truth is they have something going on.
“They have been seeing each other for a number of weeks and her friends are saying she is already smitten.

“People in Rihanna’s circle are saying she is very unhappy about the whole thing. Only a few months ago she and Drake were still together. JLo and RiRi are friends in the industry which made her all the more surprised.”

Jennifer Lopez- who has six-year-old twins Max and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony - called off her relationship with 29-year-old backing dancer, Casper Smart earlier this year, after four years together.

Both Jennifer and the hip-hop star are single after Drake and Rihanna ended their on-off romance in October.
Rihana's Reaction To Drake and J.Lo Together
Jennifer and Drake are said to be “smitten” with one another and are not “bothered” by their 17-year age gap.
A source said: “Jen and Drake have tried to keep their romance under wraps by suggesting they are just working together, but the truth is they are an item.
“They have been seeing each other for a number of weeks and her friends are saying she is already smitten.
“The age gap doesn’t bother them.
“They have fun together and that’s all that matters.”

T.I. And Tiny Files for Divorce After A 6 Year Union

December 28, 2016
T.I. And Tiny Files for Divorce After A 6 Year Union
T.I..'s wife Tiny has filed for divorce from the rapper after six years of marriage.
The two have three children together, King Harris, Major Harris and Heiress Harris.

A source tells that they have been lots of challenges in their relationship for sometime now and that "heated arguments and disagreements over some key issues led them to split."

The two want to "still be friends for the kids and family."

Tiny first made a name for herself in the music industry when she was a member of the uber-successful R&B group Xscape.

She also won a Grammy Award for her work as a writer on the TLC hit single "No Scrubs."
Neither Tiny nor T.I. have spoken out about their split on social

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

December 28, 2016
PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

PHOTOS : Extreme Calabar Bikers Carnival

Fayose Shows His Largess To Owed Former Public Servants

December 28, 2016
Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, has approved the payment of N140m severance package due to former dead and living elected-public-office holders at the local government level in the state.

In a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, Fayose said the beneficiaries of the severance include former chairmen of local governments, council secretaries, councilors as well council advisers elected into office in 1999, 2006 and 2008‎.

Orders were given for the payment during a meeting he held with them on Monday December 26th. Fayose directed that families of those already dead must also be paid the entitlements of their deceased ones.

“The governor felt that despite the economic challenges we are facing as a state, we feel it is our duty to honour those who had served our state in the past. They had contributed their own quota to the development of our state; therefore, families of those that are already dead should be paid too. The ‎exercise has nothing to do with politics and must be fairly shared. We already made some payments some months ago and we are again doing this now. If this had been done in the past, the backlog would not have been a burden on us now, if not for the financial challenges we are facing, we would have paid everything at a go”

In his campaign for effective governance and service to humanity this yuletide season to cub the hardship.

Look Out For Year-End Deals On These Great Purchases

December 28, 2016
The Winter period is the greatest time for those looking to indulge in some retail therapy. Black Friday passed with some great details from tons of major retailers. The Christmas rush is now on, and it’s your last chance to buy cool Christmas gifts for your friends and family. If you’re not all shopped out, you might want to start thinking about year-end sales!

Arguably, the best time to spend your money is just after Christmas. Once all the seasonal shopping is over, many retailers lower their prices to keep sales high. What’s more, many stores are desperate to shift some extra stock before the year ends. It can result in some amazing discounts.

These sales usually start as early as the 26th of December. Prices often remain cheap throughout January, so you have some time to plan out your shopping. You might have a little Christmas gift money to spend. Here are some items you should look out for in the sales.

Audio Equipment

With free unlimited streaming services and tons of ways to listen, audio equipment is more popular than ever. People often listen to music at home, in their car, and even just while they’re out and about. Electronics and audio stores often lower prices around this time of the year, so look out for attractive deals.

You might want to invest in a high-quality pair of headphones. Cheap earphones are prone to breaking and don’t give the best sound quality. Sometimes spending a little more can give you a whole new way to listen. Look for buyer’s guides for audio equipment on sites such as Dextro Audio.

You could also grab a pair of Bluetooth speakers. These allow you to stream music wirelessly from any device- perfect for keeping around the home. You might even want a new sound system for your car. Look at department stores and specialist electronics retailers for the best discounts.

Fitness Equipment

Retailers who sell large and expensive fitness equipment can have a hard time shifting it sometimes. But they often take advantage of the New Year period, when many people make a goal to lose weight. You can often find incredible discounts on fitness equipment around this time!

You might want a home treadmill or elliptical. You can burn off all those Christmas calories rapidly by doing some HIIT workouts in the comfort of your house. Cardio machines often get sold for as little as half price in January, so it’s an excellent time to start your fitness goals.

You can also find things like benches and dumbbells for cheap. Department stores often sell these at low prices. You could also find some extra low prices by looking into refurbished equipment from fitness stores.

A New TV

Want to improve your home with some excellent entertainment? Television sets nowadays offer smart features, 4K quality, premium sound, and other useful features. If you haven’t upgraded in a few years, maybe you should look out for some end of year sales.

With so many different TVs on the market, with all kinds of different tech features, it can be hard to know what to buy. Sites like CNET can give you some advice on high-quality televisions. But you may simply want to look around electronics stores and see what’s on offer.

It’s hard to go wrong with a new TV. It can provide you with entertainment for hours, and today’s smart features make them capable of much more than just films and shows.

Winter Apparel

December may be cold, but temperatures often drop even lower in January and February. Clothing retailers often put a lot of Winter clothing on sale at the end of December. It’s a prime opportunity to bag some good deals and add to your winter wardrobe.

Look out for things like comfortable winter jackets and warm accessories like gloves and scarves. You can get every style item you need for the upcoming months.

For the best discounts. Look into outlet stores. They often sell the stock that clothing stores get rid of, so you can find incredibly cheap prices.


Looking to make some improvements to your home interior? Just after Christmas is the perfect time to do it. Once you clear the seasonal decorations away, you might want to add some brand new furniture to your home.

January is one of the best times to buy new furniture. New furniture often reaches stores in February and August, so retailers are desperate to get rid of old stock the month before. You can find some stylish furniture at exceptionally low prices.

Perhaps you want some new sofas for the living room. You could also buy a brand new bed. Homewares also go on sale at this time, so you can get all kinds of now house decorations. Furniture can be expensive, but many stores offer financing options to make things easier.

A New Vehicle

Cars and trucks are expensive investments. Those looking for a new vehicle will have to pay a lot of money. But with some smart timing, you can get massive discounts on your car purchase. Insiders agree that the week between Christmas and the New Year is the best time for buying a car.

Car dealerships are big on hitting end-of-year targets. You’ll be able to gain some leverage in negotiations with salespeople who are eager to sell. January and February are often also low-selling times for car sellers, so it’s an excellent opportunity to get vehicles at more affordable prices.

Trucks and SUVs are the most sensible winter vehicles. But in the middle of winter, you can get summer cars even cheaper. Whichever way, if you’re looking for a new car, start doing your research now!


Many people travel during Christmas and New Years. But in the months following, travel businesses often experience a lull. Most people prefer to vacation in Summer when the kids are home from school. If you’re able to take some time off work, you can find some great winter vacation deals.

You could escape the cold weather and go somewhere warm like Australia or Cuba. You could also make the most of the snow on a skiing trip to Aspen or even in the mountains of France. Look into some affordable Winter destinations and plan your trip.

With fewer people traveling, you can go to tourist spots without the overwhelming crowds. You’re also less likely to get cramped flights. You can enjoy a nice relaxing trip for cheap!

Queen Chidimma Nwosu shares Lovely Xmas Shoots with her fans.

December 27, 2016
Face of Culture Africa 2016,Queen Nwosu Chidimma took part in a playful Santa themed photo session this year.

Queen Nwosu Chidimma.

Mma as she is fondly called is a beauty goddess with an enviable smile to captivate any man's attention. Not only is she gorgeous, she is well-behaved and a hard woman.

The beauty queen shared colourful photos with her numerous fans and wished them a wonderful festive season.
Here is what she posted on her wall

"May the birth of Christ bring us divine joy and blessings, Above all may it broaden our knowledge on the true knowledge of God,Merry Christmas to every one".

The reigning face of culture Africa will kick off her pet project come 2017 as she look set to impact the society at large.

The True Story About Britney Spears Death Tweets

December 26, 2016
The True Story About Britney Spears Death Tweets
Sony Music's Twitter handle got hacked and its hackers posted fake Britney Spears death tweets.

Several false tweets , the company's Sony Music Global Twitter account published a short message reading "RIP @britneyspears" and "#RIPBritney 1981-2016," along with a teary-eyed emoji, Variety and Billboard magazines reported.
It tweeted about her death.

Sony Music said in a short statement that its social media account was "compromised" but that the situation "has been rectified."

The company said it "apologizes to Britney Spears and her fans for any confusion."
A Sony spokeswoman refused to comment further.

The 35-year-old international superstar and Grammy Award winner is "is fine and well," Spears' manager Adam Leber spoke.

The fake tweets were soon removed. In some tweets, the group OurMine took responsibility, Billboard reported.

The Twitter account of folk music icon Bob Dylan may also have been subjected to a hoax, Billboard reported, when it sent out a now-deleted tweet reading "Rest in peace @britneyspears."
The Sony spokeswoman confirmed that Bob Dylan is also a Sony artist and that the company's statement "holds true for what's happened."

Another Sad News From NYSC

December 26, 2016
Another Sad News From NYSC
A corp member serving in Gombe state named Hanatu Jonas is died.
The female corper had car crash  that claimed lives including hers' while travelling form Bauchi to Gombe state. 

After the crash she was rushed to Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital. She had been initially taken to Alkaleri General Hospital after the accident, but the hospital had no oxygen mask available, which lead to her being transferred to Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching hospital where she later died.

The NYSC scheme this year has been on the spotlight for a lot of negatives lately. 

Queen Jennifer Okechukwu Sizzles in Hot Christmas shoots.

December 25, 2016
It has been quite an eventful year for ex Face of Culture Africa,Queen Jennifer Okechukwu.

The curvy queen took part in a Christmas themed photo session to celebrate the festive season. She look alluring and beautiful as usual.

Adding to her profile this year is another awards giving to her lately by AMA and Diplomat Heroes awards as most influential queen of the year and beauty queen of the year respectively.

Her generosity and good work over the year was vividly seen and appreciated by all. Plans are already at an advance stage for her next project which will take place come 2017.

5 iPhone Apps That Every User Needs To Make Their Life Easier

December 21, 2016
The smartphone and tablet app industry is growing and growing all around the world. There is no sign of it easing up either.

Apps will continue to grow and evolve, as well as new ones that will be developed as there is certainly a need for them. Why wouldn’t we want things that will make our lives easier and more enjoyable? So here are some of the top apps that you need for your smartphone or tablet that do make your life so much easier.

 5 iPhone Apps That Every User Needs To Make Their Life Easier

Slice or Shoptagr

Both of these apps are perfect for the savvy shopper. You can create wish lists of the items that you would like to be. Kind of like the style of Pinterest. But then you get real-time alerts when those items you have selected go on sale.

 Slice also helps you to track deliveries of your orders. So you don’t have to wait in all day; you will know when the delivery is close by.


Let’s face it, when we have busy lives, traffic can really be a struggle. You don’t want to take a wrong turn on your journey and end up in a long line of traffic. So an app like Waze is a great way to check on the traffic on the area that you are in. You get real-time updates including all things about accidents or any hazards. So you can choose safer and quiet routes. Perfect for any busy people that spend a lot of time in the car.

Charge App

If you haven’t heard of Charge App, then it could be worth checking out. It is an app; that lets you know where there are charging stations in the area that you are in. The charging stations are for your smartphone or device. 

So if you are someone that regularly runs out of battery on your devices, it could be the one for you. Then you can just find the charging station and power up your phone to make it last for a little bit longer. If you wanted to find out a little more, you could click here.


PayPal is becoming more widely accepted as a way of paying for things; online and even in stores. So it makes it easy to track purchases, and money going in and out when you have the app on your phone. You can send payments to friends or family and transfer payments to your bank account. As well as track any invoices if you do your business through your phone.


If you are new to an area or like to travel a lot, then an app like AroundMe could be really useful for you. You can select different categories of things that are, as the name suggests, around you. So if you are looking for an ATM, restaurant, cinema or gas station, you can find out what is around you. It is quick and easy to use and makes it easier than having to check lots of different websites for information.

EFCC Is Corrupt

December 21, 2016
Mr Ayodele Fayose,the Ekiti State Governor, has described the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as an irresponsible and corrupt organisation that cannot prosecute any meaningful fight against corruption as “corruption can never fight corruption.”

The governor commended the judiciary for standing firm against the EFCC tyranny, said the way and manner the commission has been going about shopping for court orders against Nigerians should concern lovers of rule of law in the country.

“It is the height of irresponsibility and fraud for the EFCC to have approached Justice Okon Abang for a similar order and concealed the fact that the order obtained from Justice Dimgba elapsed on September 3 and had failed to approach the same court for an extension.”

“The EFCC and its collaborators should stop running after me as if I am the only reason they were employed. They should keep their gun powder dry and wait till the end of my tenure, and I can assure them that they will be defeated as I have always done, that is if they are still around then.”
He said EFCC and its collaborators should have by now done their studies concerning his person, adding that;

 The governor said; “The EFCC and its corrupt elements fraudulently approached Justice Abang, knowing that the judge himself is fraudulent as established by the Court of Appeal and the same EFCC has even moved to the Federal High Court, Akure in search of another order, ostensibly because they have realised that the judge in the Federal High Court, Ado Ekiti won’t play ball.

“If they have studied me very well, they would have stopped running after God’s anointed.

“The more they run after me, the more they hit their heads on the Rock of Ages and get themselves fatally injured" he quipped.

How She Missed Her Wedding

December 21, 2016
How She Missed Her Wedding
A small airline abruptly canceled its flights from JFK to Guyana in South America on Saturday morning, leaving about 1,000 travelers stranded at the Queens airport.

Among those left high and dry by Dynamic International Airways was Leezel Cambridge, 27, a bride-to-be who missed her own wedding because of an unexplained situation in the 2 a.m. flight.

Her husband had to tell their 300 guests, who were already waiting at their venue, that she wouldn’t be making it.

She spent Sunday which was supposed to be her wedding day curled up on the airport’s floor with her wedding dress and 15 of her family members.

If you were Her what would you do?

Could Drake and J.Lo Be In A Relationship

December 21, 2016

Could Drake and J.Lo Be In A Relationship
Jennifer Lopez and Drake Fuel Romance Rumors After Attending Intimate Party Together and Back-to-Back Concert Visits.

Two familiar faces are single and ready to mingle this holiday season

Drake organized a "very intimate dinner" at celeb hotspot Delilah in West Hollywood last night, and none other than Jennifer Lopez was in attendance for the exclusive gathering. It took no time at all before the rumor mill started shipping these two as Hollywood's hottest new couple, and while it remains to be seen what their intentions really are, J.Lo and Drake have spent quite a bit of time together recently.

It all started about two weeks ago, when the "One Dance" rapper attended the singer's All I Have concert residency in Las Vegas. But what happens in Sin City ends up on Instagram, as is evidence of Drizzy's selfie with Lopez that he riddled with lovey-dovey emojis.

After a week , Drake turned out again this past Saturday for Jennifer's Vegas performance. He was spotted close to the front of the stage, bobbing his head and swaying to the music while Lopez serenaded the crowd.

They could be a romantic connection between the two. "Jennifer and Drake are working on new music together.
A J.Lo did indeed cancel her New Year's Eve hosting gig at a nightclub in today, As for why she bowed out, a source explains, "She has been working a lot this year, and next year she has a lot of things going on and wanted some personal and family time."
Drake will be in Las Vegas over the holiday, as he's set to ring in 2017 at Hakkasan nightclub for their own New Year's Eve bash. No word yet if Jen wanting to spend some "personal" time involves hanging out with Drizzy that night, but she's not due back to Planet Hollywood until Feb. 8 so only time will tell!
Both artists are relatively fresh out of serious relationships. Lopez called it quits on her on-again, off-again relationship of nearly five years with Casper Smart in late August while Drake and Rihanna went their separate ways after a whirlwind summer together.
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