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How to Increase Your Website Presence & Traffic in Search Engines

Without a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy your website is just surfing around without doing much. These top SEO tips will give you the right direction to improve your website rankings in search engines and divert good traffic to your website.

How to Increase Your Website Presence & Traffic in Search Engines

1. Extensive Keyword Research

SEO of a new website is completely based on a solid keyword research and analysis. Most of the seo firms are in rush and always in a hurry to apply their ideas without doing much research and this situation will keeps them revising their SEO work and efforts which cause loss of time and traffic. 

You should be careful before hiring a seo firm for your website. Seo company in gurgaon is the most reliable seo firm. Keyword research for successful SEO results needs a lot of time and good research. On the top, you should use the best tools to analysis keyword research for a strong seo work.

For example Google Keyword planner tool, website page speed and analysis, Google website Insight and Google searches Suggestions are the best keyword research tools. With these tools, you will get the almost exact number of monthly searches on Google Keyword Tool. 

Here is what you should do after using tools:
a) Download all keywords in an excel sheet.
b) Find out relevant keywords that match your website content and products.
c) Now Sort them by daily searches.

2. Original and Optimized Content:

SEO friendly content writing is the best seo tips work on a live web page. Search engine crawlers as well as users love to read original and effective content contained useful information. 

However an efficient use of SEO content writing techniques can driven a huge amount of good traffic on your website. A well written and optimized content contains the right balance of the keywords in it. 

A web page should have a keyword density of 2% to 5%.
a) Use 2 to 3 keywords in the whole content. 
b) write and Start the content with the most important keyword and also finish it with the same keyword.

3. Web Page Optimization:

Search Engine Crawler reads only the HTML source of a website page and so it should be properly optimizes according to the seo guidelines which help to guide the crawlers to the right section and content of the website. Write the keywords in the title, description, and add more keywords on the web pages. Do not forget to put H1 to H6 headings using the proper keywords. Alt Tags must be used on the images.

4. Article Syndication:

Write articles and Press releases distribution about your website services and niche. Submit the articles into as many article submission directories and also submit press releases into major press releases distribution websites. Do not forget to add anchor texts so that readers can click on them and visit to your website.

This SEO practice is easy but very effective. It helps the website to gets crawled by the major search engines within two or three days which enhance the natural ranking of the website. By leaving anchor texts for the internal pages then your website’s internal pages caches to search engines and this will boosts your website’s presence even more.

About The Author:

Lovelash is a seo expert and blogger. He has been written many tips on seo and blogging.

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