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4 Sporting Legends To Inspire Your Kids

The word ‘legend’ is bandied about much too readily today. Just because an individual has had some sporting success doesn’t make them worthy of the accolade. To be a true legend, they need to excel beyond their field of sport as well as achieving every success their sport has to offer.

They need to be consistent, passionate and committed to their trade. They mustn't be afraid of hard work and perform even in the face of adversity. Sporting legends are inspirational, conjure up national pride and are loved by the masses. Take a look at these individuals that transcend their sport and can inspire the youth of today.

4 Sporting Legends To Inspire Your Kids
Credit: Pixabay

Serena Williams

The first sporting legend on the list is arguably the greatest female tennis player of all time. From humble beginnings, Serena and her sister trained hard with their dad as coach to rise through the ranks and become stalwarts of the WTA tour.

Although first outperformed by Venus, Serena soon found her stride and has so far won a massive twenty-three grand slams in her career. Although she’s taken some time off to have a baby, she will soon be back to her best at the Australian Open. A true sporting legend and inspiration to girls everywhere.

Michael Jordan

For sheer consistency, Michael Jordan is one of the greatest modern-day NBA players of all time. Kids up and down the country wear custom basketball jerseys complete with his name on it.

He has more sporting awards than you can shake a stick at and has been an All-Star a record fourteen times. To top off his sporting prowess, Jordan also commits his time to humanitarian and charity initiatives showing the youth of today that it’s important to give back to the community in which they live.
4 Sporting Legends To Inspire Your Kids

Usain Bolt

The fastest man on Earth is the perfect role model for boys and girls alike. With an innate discipline and commitment to his trade, Bolt was the undisputed king of the track for a decade. Rarely beaten, he came through an injury plagued season and was able to hold his own among rivals who chose to take performance enhancing drugs. Always clean, with a commitment to hard work and nothing more, Usain Bolt is an inspiration to many.

David Beckham

For many young soccer players up and down the country, David Beckham has it all. He’s managed to win the Premier League, the Champions League and lead his country out onto the pitch fifty-nine times. As a leader, he is well respected.

As a player, his perfectly timed and calculated free kicks can send even the best goalkeepers into a tailspin. If you have a youngster who loves their soccer, show them some old Man United videos to get them really enthralled with Beckham’s talents.

Looking up to role models can help youngsters focus their passion into a sport. They are not meant to emulate a sporting legend’s achievements but use them to fire up their own enthusiasm for their chosen game.

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