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Sneaking in Fitness: How to Add More Movement to Your Daily Routine

Sneaking in Fitness: How to Add More Movement to Your Daily Routine
Source: FizioTurk

You’ve probably heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking” quite a bit in recent years. It’s now a known fact that a sedentary lifestyle is deadly. Rather than let this unfortunate truth demotivate you, it can be used to drive you toward success. 

However, it might be difficult to know how to do that if your busy lifestyle allows little time for exercise. Whether you've never exercised or have fallen out of the habit, it's time to reignite your passion for fitness.

1. Do Mini Workouts at the Office

A study from the journal PLOS One found that a minute of high-intensity exercises can create muscle gains, improve insulin resistance and increase overall physical endurance. Even getting up from your desk and having a quick walk around your building is better than remaining seated on your break.

2. Make Use of Your Seated Time

The tips about attaching your computer to a treadmill sound nice, but most people can't easily concentrate on their work or manage a keyboard while jogging full speed. One thing you can do to make your seated time healthier is work on your posture. Every time you notice the slouch, remind yourself to sit up straight. This will help engage your core muscles and keep you more mindful of your body as you work.

3. Don't Forget Stretching

Flexibility is often neglected, which is strange when you consider that stretching is quite easy compared to other forms of exercise. On days you don't make it to the gym, be sure to wind down with a quick yoga routine before bed.

 4. Dress for Success

If you want to succeed in any given area, it makes sense to dress the part. This is why investing in some nice athleisure clothing can help you get into the right mindset. Athleisure is a clothing style that can work for both physical and outdoor activities as well as socializing or even working at certain jobs.

The brand Fabletics is a great example. A simple tee paired with a cute pair of jogging pants can be dressed up by adding stylish flats and a jacket. Then, you can easily switch to sneakers and hit the gym or hiking trail on the way home.

For more tips on how to balance fitness with a busy lifestyle, check out the rest of our blog. Click here to get started with Fabletics today. 

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