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iPad: The Swiss Army Knife Of Music Production?

There is no denying that the Apple iPad is one of the world’s most popular tablet computers. First launched to the market back in 2010, there is now an iPad available to suit most people’s needs. For example, there is the small yet powerful iPad Mini, and then there’s the enterprise-grade iPad Pro.

You might think that the Apple iPad is just something to use for email, web surfing, and the occasional game. But, the tablet’s specifications often rival those found in laptop and desktop computers! With that in mind, it’s also fast become the Swiss Army Knife of music production, believe it or not! So, why should anyone serious about making music turn to an Apple iPad instead of a conventional DAW?

iPad: The Swiss Army Knife Of Music Production?

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 The Apple iPad Doesn’t Cost Thousands

One of the biggest hurdles to anyone serious about making music is the need to spend money - and lots of it - on hardware and accessories. It’s no secret that music producers no longer flinch at spending thousands on things like an Apple Mac Pro and sequencing equipment.

Perhaps the most notable fact of the iPad is the fact that it doesn’t cost a lot to buy! Even if you elected to get one brand new, you could find one that is well within your price range.

There’s An App For That

Do you remember the TV commercials that Apple used to show telling you how “there’s an app for just about anything”? Well, that’s certainly the case when it comes to music production! Perhaps one of the best-known examples is GarageBand, an app created by Apple themselves funnily enough. It offers a plethora of customizations, and it allows you to work with your existing instruments.

You San Store Your Music In The Cloud

One of the downsides to the Apple iPad is that it only comes with limited internal memory, much like most tablets on the market. However, with a reasonably fast Internet connection, you can save your music to the cloud! 

So, if I created a new track, I can easily upload my music to share online with others without worrying about disk space on my iPad!

Another advantage of the iPad’s popularity is that it works well with a variety of cloud storage providers. So, even if you didn’t use one that specifically catered to music production, you can save your music to services like Dropbox, for example.

The Apple iPad Works With MIDI Devices

One of the biggest questions a lot of music producers new to the world of tablets ask is this: does the iPad work with MIDI devices? In short, the answer is yes! You can buy an accessory cable that adds MIDI in and out ports. And let’s not forget that you can also use USB connections too.

Final thoughts

If you’re new to music production or plan on sketching out some ideas, it makes sense to use the Apple iPad. For such purposes, you don’t need a fully-featured studio with lots of expensive computer equipment to record a few songs.

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